Going digital - Debt agreements

AFSA has been working hard to create a new online solution for managing debt agreements.

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AFSA has been working hard to create a new online solution for managing debt agreements.

Debt agreements are one of the personal insolvency options available under bankruptcy legislation. A debt agreement is a legally binding agreement between a debtor and their creditor(s). A debt agreement is a flexible way to settle debts without becoming bankrupt.

AFSA processes over 150,000 debt agreement forms every year. Previously these were paper forms, with each one taking up to five business days for AFSA’s Debt Agreement Team to process. The number of debt agreements has continued to increase over the last six years. Debt agreements currently make up 45 per cent of total personal insolvencies.

To improve the debt agreement service, AFSA worked with our clients to develop an online solution for the lodgment of debt agreement forms. To understand the opportunities for improvement to this service, we spoke to our clients to understand their experience. Using a human-centred design approach, we found out:

  • Clients had little visibility of the progress of their applications
  • Clients did not know when they might expect relief from creditors

Debt Agreement Administrators and creditors can now self-serve and transact online or via business-to-government (B2G) web services. They can view the status of their applications at any time. Our processing times for debt agreement forms have decreased by 80 per cent, providing more timely outcomes for our clients. Transitioning to a digital process has also decreased our carbon footprint.

Digital is a journey, not a destination. AFSA is committed to continually improving our services. We invite you, our clients and stakeholders, to be a part of our journey. Thanks for your input in helping inform this digital platform.