Guidance documents for insolvency practitioners

You are invited to provide feedback about how AFSA provides insolvency practice guidance.

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AFSA is committed to ensuring that we provide our stakeholders with purposeful, current and accessible resources and content. We have recently conducted a review of the insolvency practice guidance and have recognised that the framework is overly complex.

AFSA is seeking feedback on the quality and user-friendliness of our resources for stakeholders including Inspector General Practice Statements, Inspector General Practice Directions, Official Receiver Practice Statements and Official Trustee Practice Statements.

Read the proposals paper to understand the background on the guidance documents review and the suggested changes on which AFSA is seeking feedback.

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Use of the guidance documents

Do you use AFSA’s numbered stakeholder guidance documents?
How often do you use the guidance documents?
Why do you access the guidance documents rarely/moderately/frequently?
How do you find using the the guidance documents?

Why are the documents easy/difficult/other to use?

Finding/accessing the guidance documents

What are your preferred methods for finding/accessing the guidance documents?
Choose one or more.
Please explain

AFSA is considering whether to change how guidance documents are categorised and displayed on the website.

AFSA is considering the following three categories:

  • Professional conduct and supervision
  • Processes to support practitioners
  • Guidance for debtors, creditors and practitioners
Are these the right guidance document categories?

Filtering guidance documents

AFSA is also considering introducing a filter so that guidance documents can be sorted by user types, such as:

  • all practitioners
  • trustees
  • RDAA
  • debtors and creditors
  • Official Trustee staff and clients.
Do you think the user type filter would be useful?

AFSA may also introduce a filter to sort by subject area.

The proposed subject areas include:

  • Registered Trustee remuneration
  • Trustee duties
  • Meetings of creditors
  • Registered debt agreement administrator duties
  • Registration of practitioners
  • Discipline of practitioners
  • Complaints, reviews and inspections
  • Official Trustee guidance
  • Types of insolvency administrations
  • AFSA Registry/Official Receiver services
  • All content
Do you think a subject area filter would be useful?

Finally, AFSA is also considering removing the statutory office holder acronym and number from the guidance document names.

For example IGPD1 would become ‘Independence of Personal Insolvency Practitioners’ (IGPD1 would remain in the documents as a reference, but not part of title).

Do you support removing the acronym and number?

How could AFSA make guidance documents more accessible and intuitive to use?

What further guidance could AFSA provide?

What works well about the current model used for guidance documents?

What do you dislike about the current model used for guidance documents?

What improvements could we make?