Help test our new PPSR website concept

We are currently redeveloping the PPSR website to improve the user experience and are keen for you to test the new homepage design and provide your feedback.

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We are currently redeveloping the PPSR website and are in early stages of testing to make sure what we deliver will meet the need of users.

We are making changes to improve our website navigation, structure and content to make it easier to understand and complete tasks online.

Recent research has given us insight into how people use the PPSR website. We know that most users are new users, and many only use the site once. A growing share of our users are accessing the site on their mobiles or tablets, and half come to the site through a search engine.

Around half of all sessions start on the home page, so we need to make sure the design and layout is intuitive and includes clear ‘call to action’ buttons. We have done lots of testing so far to inform our new approach and are continuing to improve as we go to ensure it meets the needs of our users.

Help us test the new website

The Alpha testing stage is all about using prototypes to work out the right thing to build. Help test our new PPSR website concept by completing our ‘first click’ survey.

The first click survey will give you common tasks people come to the website to complete and asks you to identify what button or menu heading you would click on to find the answer.

Your feedback will help inform the new PPSR website. 

Feedback has now closed.