Highlights of our first year 

AFSAsandpit, our research and testing platform, has been live for one year!

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AFSAsandpit, our research and testing platform, has been live for one year! We would like to say a huge thanks to our AFSAsandpit research group.

Your feedback and comments directly influence and shape our services. AFSAsandpit is a place for us to listen to your feedback to understand what the current problems are. We use surveys and activities to test ideas, and are open to all feedback – both good and bad.

Taking a human centred design approach to our service transformation journey helps us deliver better services to the Australian public.

Improving our services makes it easier for people to do what they need to do. During our first year we have received 278 pieces of feedback, which have directly contributed to improving our services.

One of AFSA’s biggest transformation projects is the development of our new bankruptcy form to replace the current Statement of Affairs. We received feedback from registered trustees, financial counsellors and members of the public through AFSAsandpit. This feedback has helped iterate our design and has been incorporated into the version now planned for launch soon.

Research from AFSAsandpit has helped inform many other initiatives, such as improved website content, bankruptcy case studies and the need for more online tools.

We have also asked for your help to simplify our offence referral process, information request process and Official Receiver notices. We are passionate about designing client centric services and testing our ideas with real clients, so we can deliver better services. If you are not already part of our research group, register below to join our journey.