Income contributions calculator has been updated

In response to feedback we have made improvements to the income contributions calculator.

2 min read

Last year, we launched an income contributions calculator – that shows the amount of income contributions clients may need to pay during bankruptcy.

This tool will help people who are currently bankrupt, or can be used by people who are considering bankruptcy as an option to help them understand their obligations during bankruptcy and consider if it’s the right option for them.

We received feedback that users prefer to enter their income as fortnightly after tax, rather than an annual after tax amount.

In response to this feedback we have updated the calculator. Users can now enter both an annual and fortnightly after tax income amount and see an estimated result of money they may need to pay during bankruptcy.

To continue to improve our tools and resources we welcome any further feedback.

Feedback closed on 5 March 2020. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.