New online bankruptcy consequences tool

We have developed a new tool for people considering bankruptcy. This tool will help people understand the consequences of bankruptcy and how it will impact them.

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AFSA is committed to supporting people to make informed financial decisions and providing resources to help with their decisions about how to manage debt. Research shows that people do not always understand the consequences of entering into bankruptcy.

Shortly, the bankruptcy application process will be moving online. Before people can start their application they will be asked a series of yes and no questions and provided information about the consequences of bankruptcy after each answer.

This new consequences tool will help people who are considering bankruptcy understand how it will impact them, including how their house, car and income will be affected.

Placing this at the beginning of the online application process will help ensure people stop and consider if bankruptcy is the right option for them.

Those applying for temporary debt protection will also need to engage with the tool before creating an online account. Our research shows that most people who opt for temporary debt protection later go bankrupt. It is important they know at the outset how they will be affected if they apply for bankruptcy following their temporary debt protection.

Try out the bankruptcy consequences tool and share your feedback with us by using the feedback form on the bottom of the page on the AFSA website.

Feedback closed on 22 September 2020.