We would value your feedback about your recent experiences and interactions with us.

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At the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), people are at the heart of the services we deliver and we want to ensure that our services are the best they can be.

We would value your feedback about your recent experiences and interactions with us. Your feedback will help improve our services and may also inform changes to our products and materials.

We invite you to complete the short survey below. The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete and will close on 2 December 2021.

All submissions are anonymous and your feedback will have no impact on your dealings with AFSA.

Tell us what you think

Which of the following best describes you or your organisation?
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How often do you deal with AFSA (phone calls, emails, creditor meetings, lodged proof of debt etc)?
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What is your ideal preference for communicating with AFSA?
Recent research shows that some creditors would like to deal with AFSA through an online portal. Would you use an online creditor portal if it was available?
Have you been a creditor in a temporary debt protection (TDP) application ?
Did you contact the person during the TDP period to negotiate alternative payment arrangements?
Did the person file for bankruptcy?
Please drag the choices into order of preference.
Credit card
Bank transfer
Post BillPay with Australia Post
Visit bank branch
Have you ever submitted a tip off to AFSA for alleged fraud, misconduct etc?
Why not?

To what extent do you agree with these statements?

Finding/understanding information about how bankruptcy affects you as a creditor is easy
The information provided by AFSA in the initial notification of bankruptcy is helpful
The information provided by AFSA in further reports to creditors is helpful
The AFSA website information is helpful
Interacting with AFSA is easy
Applying for a bankruptcy notice with AFSA is easy
Lodging a proof of debt with AFSA is easy
Participating in the dividend process with AFSA is easy
All creditor meetings should be held online

Further Research

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