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AFSA has adopted a human-centred approach to designing and improving our services. We want our services to be clear, simple and easy to use.
To start with, we research to better understand citizens’ needs and identify any problems with our current service. Then we take what we’ve learned to plan how we redesign or improve our services. It’s all about making things faster and easier for everyone!

We’re using this approach to improve the statement of affairs—the form that people need to complete when they apply for bankruptcy or if they have been made bankrupt by a creditor. The new design of this form incorporates feedback from our clients, staff and a range of stakeholders, including financial counsellors.

While we continue to work towards a digital option, our first goal is to improve the paper form.

To make sure our updated design is simple, user friendly and intuitive we want to capture your feedback.

To improve the paper form, we will:

- combine the debtor’s petition and statement of affairs into one document
- reduce duplication of similar questions
- ask the right questions to prompt further investigation
- include questions about digital assets, such as cryptocurrency.

The scope of this change does not extend at this point in time to the prescribed information.

Thank you for your feedback

Feedback on the first draft of the SOA closed on 10 September.

We received a lot of valuable feedback, and are now taking some time to consider your comments.

We will release a second draft of the SOA in October – watch this space!

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