View of desk from above with a hand shake and clapping hands.

At AFSA, we design our services to meet the needs of the citizens who use them. As a government agency, we recognise that people often don’t have a choice about whether they use our services. When people use our services, this often places them under obligations or legislative requirements. We try to make these as fast, clear and simple as possible.

To do this, we use human-centred design. This means that we design our services based on the needs of the people who use them.

We begin by mapping out the current service. We look at which parts of it are working well, and which bits are causing problems. We analyse data and talk to our clients to understand what the ‘pain points’ are in the current state. This involves spending time understanding what the problems really are, instead of jumping straight into a solution. We then pull together a range of people who have expertise in different areas to solve these problems and redesign the service. These people can include experts in research, communications, systems development, and subject matter experts.

In coming up with a solution, the group might prototype and trial a few different ideas to see which ones work and which don’t.

AFSAsandpit is a critical part of this process. It is a place to get your feedback so we can understand what the current problems are. We use surveys and activities, and there’s also the option for you to let us know about your experiences with AFSA – both good and bad.

We will use AFSAsandpit to test new designs, and ask for your feedback to help us remove pain points.

We encourage you to get involved. If you sign up for the Research Group, we will email you when there’s a new survey or activity that you can participate in. Keep checking back – we are excited for you to share our journey!