Finger on a red block

We are a proud partner of the National Financial Capability Strategy. Its focus is to improve Australian’s financial literacy, and tailor services to help support people through difficult financial circumstances.

To help support people during hard times, we’ve developed new online resources - including new web content and an interactive eligibility tool.

Eligibility tool for people considering insolvency

Thanks to everyone who took the time to test the eligibility tool and give feedback.

This interactive, mobile-friendly insolvency eligibility tool helps clients understand the formal insolvency options they may be eligible for based on their individual circumstances. Things like residency status and financial situation may impact which insolvency options are available.

This tool only takes a few minutes to complete and displays the most relevant information based on answers provided.

Help with budgeting and dealing with debt

Two new pages have been created on the AFSA website; ‘Budgeting’ and ‘Dealing with debt' to support people experiencing financial difficulty. It includes easy to understand information, tips and tricks and links to other trustworthy government resources for further help.

Topics include budgeting, hardship programs, dealing with debt collectors and more. This content takes a step to help reduce a cycle of debt for clients and offers tips for better money management.

We’d love to hear your feedback about these new resources, so we can continue to build and improve on them.