Hands holding papers

Recently we developed an interactive online insolvency eligibility tool to help clients check their eligibility for formal insolvency options. Since launching, over 3,000 people have used this tool to help them make an informed decision about their next steps.

To complement the online tool, we’ve now added a downloadable and printable resource which provides a visual overview of the eligibility criteria and helps people understand their potential options by answering just a few questions, in an easy to follow format. It also provides a summary of the different formal insolvency options and where to go for further help and information.

We developed this resource with financial counsellors in mind, to support discussions with clients considering formal options to deal with unmanageable debt.

We’ve also taken on board feedback from a recent focus group with financial counsellors to improve the online tool.

Go to Check my Eligibility to have a look at the new resources and share your feedback below.