Picture of laptop and mobile phone

Based on your feedback, we are trialling a new way of presenting our web content. We are testing this navigation layout in the owed money section of the AFSA website.

Our aim is to make it as quick and easy for you to find the information you are looking for. 

What’s new?

  • We updated the menu structure so it’s easier to find the information you need and move through the content.
    • When accessing the owed money section on desktop, we have developed an expandable menu.
    • When accessing on a mobile, the menu is at the top of the page, with an added table of contents.
  • We also updated page names and content to make it quicker to find what you need, and easier to understand.

Tell us what you think

Take a look at the new owed money section and let us know your thoughts – we will use your feedback to shape improvements across the rest of the website.

Please use the voting buttons below to tell us what you think of the changes. If you have any additional comments we would love to hear them too!