People communicating

Culture has been a key theme for AFSA this year - it was listed as a strategic focus area in our 2019-20 Insolvency compliance program. While our focus has primarily been the organisational culture of insolvency professionals, we have also taken the opportunity to look at our own organisational culture. 

As part of this process we have been working on an AFSA-wide promise to our stakeholders – a single statement that underpins all of our engagement activity, including the look and feel of our website and other communications.

The first step was to survey our staff. Together we identified what we believed are the most important attributes of a firm and fair regulator:

  • reliability
  • helpfulness
  • fairness
  • empathy.

Our promise combines the characteristics above with AFSA’s core purpose, vision and values.

But before we finalise our promise, which will help shape the way we engage with stakeholders in the future, we want to hear from you.

Our promise to you

Our promise is aspirational, it is something that we will work to achieve over time.

We want you, as a valued AFSA stakeholder, to see us as:
An approachable government department that provides accurate, fair and trustworthy information and services that are delivered in an ethical, helpful and compassionate manner.

Are these the attributes that you associate with AFSA now? If not, what attributes do you associate with us?

Tell us what you think

The survey closed 10 December 2019. Thank you to those who gave their feedback. We are hoping to compare our aspirational promise with your perceptions of AFSA as the government regulator.