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A little while ago we asked for your feedback on an early draft of a new Statement of Affairs (SOA) form. We developed this new form to help make our services clearer, simpler and easier to use.

Thanks to everyone who provided comments on the first draft.

What you said….

Overall you liked how we had simplified the language and made the form easier to follow. Many of you also had feedback on specific questions.

Also, you commented that the form was far too long and we agree!

We’re pleased to say that we’ve reduced this next draft from 41 to 23 pages. While this might still seem quite long, the new SOA combines two existing forms—the current SOA and the Debtors Petition.

In addition to your feedback, our research has indicated that more than 70% of users don’t have complex financial circumstances and only need to complete core questions.

We’ve worked hard to restructure the form so that these users only need to complete the first 9 pages. Users who have more complex affairs are prompted to continue on and complete further questions relevant to their situation.

After carefully considering your feedback, in draft 2 we’ve:

  • reinstated questions about superannuation accounts
  • clarified child support payment questions
  • revised the definition of ‘secured creditors’
  • scaled back the amendments to income questions.

The next steps…

An updated draft is now available for you to view and provide feedback. Feedback closes on 15th November 2018.

Check out our second draft of the updated statement of affairs
View our current statement of affairs:
View the first draft